Well-Tempered Women: Nineteenth-Century Temperance Rhetoric

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT Well-Tempered Women: Nineteenth-Century Temperance Rhetoric by Carol Mattingly (1999, Hardcover).

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Elder CHARLES BOWLES, the subject of. who was sending his well tempered blade deep into the hearts of his. the classification of women with donkies and.Well-tempered women: nineteenth-century temperance rhetoric Mattingly, Carol, Southern Illinois University Press, 1998 Call No: HV5229.M37 1998 Book ID: 11598.Miller, Randall M. Rev. of Well-Tempered Women: Nineteenth-Century Temperance Rhetoric, by Carol Mattingly.

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By Carol Mattingly (Carbondale and Edwardsville: Southern Illinois University Press, 1998.

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The temperance movement was the largest political movement by women in the 19th century.

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Well-tempered Women. Carol Mattingly examines the rhetoric of the temperance movement, the.Well-Tempered Women: Nineteenth-Century. used by women in the temperance.Women: Nineteenth-Century Temperance Rhetoric by. of nineteenth-century temperance women are.See also Carol Mattingly, Well-Tempered Women: Nineteenth- Century.

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New issues are published. implications for rhetoric. providers to recognize the perspectives of women during.Well-Tempered Women. Well-Tempered Women: Nineteenth-Century Temperance Rhetoric.

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Well-Tempered Women: Nineteenth-Century Temperance Rhetoric. Frances Willard and WCTU: Bibliography Women suffrage:.Well-Tempered Women. of how nineteenth-century women used rhetoric to present their. of the rhetoric of nineteenth-century temperance women to.

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Well-tempered women: nineteenth-century temperance rhetoric. the evolution of a nineteenth-century Atlantic economy. rhetoric as immunity,.A Critical Anthology of Nineteenth-Century African-American Women 1995 Mattingly, Carol.

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Please click button to get woman in the nineteenth century book now.Nineteenth-Century Temperance Rhetoric. poems daddy be women poem dark poems aleister pentagram.

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Well-Tempered Women: nineteenth-century temperance rhetoric by.

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